About Us


Sometimes a name is just a name
and sometimes it’s Everything.

Hughes Supply was a residential electrical supply distributor founded by Clarence Hughes and his son, Russell, in Orlando, FL in 1928. For the next two decades, we weathered the Great Depression and World War II with slow but steady expansion in Florida.

In response to growing demand from customers who performed electrical and plumbing work, Hughes Supply added plumbing supplies to its distribution in the 1940s. Throughout the next 20 years, we expanded even further in Florida.

In 1970, Hughes Supply went public, offering 350,000 shares of common stock at an initial price of $17.60 per share. We celebrated our 50th anniversary in 1978 and threw quite a party! We hosted a trade show for customers and vendors. It was the largest show of its type organized by a single company in the industry…a distinction we still hold today.

Up to this point, nearly all of our business was in residential construction in Florida. But knowing housing starts can be unpredictable, we spent the next few decades diversifying our products, expanding geographically through acquisitions and targeting commercial construction. By the mid 2000s, we were in the Southeast, Midwest and Pacific regions.

In January 2006, Hughes Supply was acquired by The Home Depot’s HD Supply division. For the next five years, we continued to provide trusted service under the HD Supply trade name.

On September 12, 2011, we joined Hajoca Corporation’s diverse family and reclaimed our namesake. We’re proud of the Hughes Supply legacy. We’re proud to call you family. If you have any questions about what it will mean for you, please see our frequently asked questions section or contact us at any time.