Frequently Asked Questions




How do I register for an online account?
Click on the Create An Account link under Customer Service to register.

What are the benefits of having an online account with us?
Manage your account when you want, how you want, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Sign-up to see custom prices specific to your plumbing or hvac branch location
  • Review your account 24/7
  • Obtain product information or specification sheets from the comfort of your own home
  • Get quick answers about your order status, even after hours
  • Review open quotes and convert them to orders
  • Review your account ledger
  • Conveniently get copies of your invoices
  • Receive a list of orders or invoices
  • Quickly access your bids


I forgot my username and / or password. What do I do?
Please click the Password Help link and enter the e-mail address associated with your profile when you requested a log-in. Your password will be e-mailed to your address on file.


How do I place an order?
Log into your online account using your user id and password. If you don’t already have an account with us, click on the Create An Account Link under Customer Service to set-up an account. Once you have logged in you can shop for plumbing/HVAC products.


How do I find out if you carry the plumbing supplies that I need?
Once you login you can use the search box to enter keywords, item numbers, and/or manufacturer name. Click GO, and a product return page containing products that match your search terms will be displayed.

By default, the search results show any products that match the first part of all keywords you enter. If you want an exact match on a specific keyword, put a “.” before the keyword.

To search for a specific manufacturer, enter the name and click GO. To refine the search further, enter the manufacturer’s name and the product name.

How do I narrow my search results?
If you get back too many results to be useful, try using the “Narrow existing results” box that appears above your results page. Enter a keyword or two about the plumbing supplies you are looking for and click GO. Only items containing your original and new keywords will be returned.

How can I find technical information for a specific plumbing product?
To see more information about a specific plumbing product, click on the item’s description. Click on the “View Technical Specifications” link once you have found the product that you are interested in purchasing.

How can I see if you have a Plumbing/HVAC product in stock?
Log into your online account to view product availability.