Testimonial: San Antonio, TX

To Any Potential Customer of Randy Harris,

Janus Custom Homes has been a customer of HD Supply Plumbing since 2003. The reasons for our loyalty is their competitive pricing and outstanding customer service from our sales representative Randy Harris. In an industry that is extremely time sensitive it is important to work with vendors that can provide a quick and reliable response. When we bring our customers into his showroom, he is always professional and courteous. My homeowners have only good things to say about Randy after making their selects.

He is knowledgeable about the products in his showroom and is willing to find the new or less requested items; hard to find does not limit Randy. On occasion, when there is a problem with a product or its delivery, without hesitation Randy is on top of the situation, following up and getting answers. It is how Randy handles every situation that makes him a superb sales rep. Good information, great service and a professional attitude is what you get at all times at HD Supply Plumbing and Randy Harris.


Janice M. Potter


Janus Custom Homes, LLC