Check out our Counter Day & Road Show on February 23rd!

This year our Proprietary brands team is heading cross country to highlight our Seasons, Aspen, Brigade and ProValue products!

During this time, they’ll meet with customers and offer special deals on our exclusive high quality products. The special deals for Eaton Park are top of the line – take a peek at the flyer above to see just how good they are!  

So, what exactly are the benefits of investing in these proprietary branded products? That’s easy! Our branded products offer you the unique combination of local availability, exceptional quality and competitive prices.  To give you a better understanding of the features and benefits of our proprietary branded product lines, be sure to come to our counter day on Wednesday, February 23rd. Lunch, contests and product education will be provided! Details are on the flyer above, please call the branch if you have any questions.

In case you aren’t familiar with our proprietary brands, here’s a quick preview. Our four primary brands are Seasons, Aspen, Brigade and ProValue. Each brand offers customers something unique. Seasons is our line of decorative residential and commercial fixtures and accessories and Aspen is our competitively priced line of faucets and accessories. Brigade is our professional-grade line of plumbing/HVAC products and accessories and our ProValue products offer high-demand, competitively priced chemicals, fasteners, hardware fittings and more. Be sure to visit the website for a better understanding of these exceptional products.