City of Raleigh is hosting a Water Conservation & Efficiency Fair!

This event is to educate the public on water conservation products.

Event: The City of Raleigh’s Public Utilities is hosting a Water Conservation & Efficiency Fair

Date: June 22nd and June 23rd

Time: 10am -3pm

Location: Nash Square in Downtown Raleigh, right in front of the Municipal Building.

Details: This day is designed for businesses, governments, universities and action groups to educate the community about water issues along with how they use water, how to conserve, how to be more efficient, and more.

They are taking this opportunity to educate the public on the products and technologies that are available and to offer their know-how on conserving water. They will also be informing everyone where these items can be purchased and what kind of savings you can achieve! This event will cover plumbing features, water audits, irrigation, pool covers, rain barrels, research and a lot more – if it has to do with water conservation or effieicency, it will be covered!

Note: This will also be right before the toilet rebate program ends for the fiscal year! The program may continue after that, but we will not know until after July 1st.