Hughes Tip O’the Week: Four easy ways to save water and money in your home.

The plumbing industry constantly researches ways to conserve water in every room of your home and they’ve done an amazing job. Now it’s easier  than ever to identify these key products that save you water and money. Look for the WaterSense label. Like your EnergyStar appliances, WaterSense (WELL for European fixtures) identifies those items containing low-flo aerators and 1.28gpf toilets. Many of our vendors, concerned with saving water, money and the environment, have developed technolologies that still provide the strength of the spray and the power of the flush. Here’s our favorite “green” plumbing products…

1. Delta/Brizo: Developed H2Okinetic Shower Technology which is the study of water in motion. It creates a warmer, more luxurious shower experience that blankets the body while using less water. Spectacular spray.


2. Grohe Faucets-EcoJoy: This highly innovative technology reduces water consumption by up to 50% without compromising on performance Grohe EcoJoy

3. Kohler High Efficiency Toilets: Achieving the best flushing performance with as little water as possible has been a focus of Kohler’s since the 1970s. Today, their high-efficiency toilets can save up to 16,500 gallons of water annually!

Kohler High Efficiency Toilet


4. Jaclo Industries promotes Conservation without Sacrifice: Jaclo’s low-flow regulator can be used for all of their showerheads and handshowers. It lowers the gpm to 1.75 or 1.5 without sacrificing performance or comfort.

Jaclo Dania handshower