Join Us June 20th for the Responsible Bathroom Tour

HD Supply Plumbing West Columbia Responsible Bathroom Tour Flyer


Join us for the Responsible Bathroom Tour on June 20th.

Water utilities are at the forefront of water conservation. We are ready to inform consumers, as well as plumbers about wisely using the available supply of clean water. As a water customer, you can benefit from water conservation tips to save water, energy and money in your own household.

Here’s one way to do that. Attend the local event of the Tour on June 20th at HD Supply Plumbing West Columbia from 11am to 1:30pm.

  • Get information to save you money on purchasing water-efficient products
  • See hands-on demonstrations featuring new technology.

Working together, we can merge our momentum to save water.

Save you Water

The 2010 tour saved 2.9 billion gallons of water. If this was placed in one cup containers, side by side, the cups would stretch to the moon over ten times! One four-person household can save 33,000 gallons of water annually (actual amounts may vary).

Save you Energy

A family of four can save up to $222 per year (actual amounts may vary). Saving water also saves the energy needed to heat it.

Save you Energy

Based on an average four-person household, using water efficient products could amount to an annual savings of $293 in water costs (actual amounts may vary).

If you’re one of the first 25 attendees on June 20th, you’ll receive a free water-conserving showerhead with the purchase of a low-flow toilet! You don’t want to miss out on that great deal – be sure to get there early!