Matte Black is here !!! Are you ready??

Matte Black is the hot choice for both Kitchens and Baths.


This finish is taking the spotlight in kitchens and bathrooms everywhere. We adore Matte Black as a finish for many reasons. Black pairs beautifully with almost any other color or metal. For example, matte black and modern brass combinations can add drama to your kitchen or bath. Black can have a huge impact on a space making it feel at once both grounded and modern. Like the best little black dress, matte black faucets can look fantastic in any style of space–from contemporary modern to rustic. This is a trend that has some staying power.

Every space needs a little bit of black so adding in black hardware, faucets and other fixtures is a great way to include this design staple into your space.


Erin Vaughan says : While stainless steel remains the go-to choice for upscale kitchen decor, for those of you itching to make a bolder statement, your best option may be to cut to black. Dark fixtures bring a sophisticated verve to kitchen spaces, and add a palatable note of elegance to cabinets, sinks, and fixtures—without interrupting the flow in this high-traffic area. They also serve a functional purpose: black surfaces prevent the kinds of stains and rust common with day-to-day wear-and-tear, keeping your home’s sleek appearance intact. Here’s a look at what this unique texture can do for your kitchen’s interiors.


Matte black is both modern and traditional, classic and contemporary. Adding it to a transitional space pulls the whole room together into one sharp look.


Black is a classic design color that never goes out of style,  and Matte Black fixtures is a color you won’t tire of too quickly;
Here are a few looks that are sure to inspire you to give matte black a try.

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