Press Release: Hughes Lynchburg 2013 Outlook

Capitalizing early on an expected surge in demand in 2013, Hughes Supply, a local wholesale distributor, recently hosted Outlook 2013 at the Liberty Mountain Conference Center. Outlook 2013 was an informative glimpse into the coming year; a combination of economic forecasts and expert business advice aimed at building contractors and plumbers.

Many well-respected brands were represented at Outlook 2013, including Viega, manufacturer of the revolutionary ProPress fitting system, as well as their partner and long-time plumber’s favorite, Ridgid Tools. Also represented were brands such as Liberty Pumps, Moen, Kohler, Delta, Aquatic, and more. Joining these quality manufacturers were representatives from Merrill Lynch, ADP, and the Small Business Development Center.

Led by veteran manager Pete Parziale and supported by long-time employees Mike Stewart and Christine Miller, Hughes Supply, located on 1415 Park Avenue, is poised for major growth in the coming year. If you are looking for a wholesale supplier for plumbing and related products, look no further than Hughes Supply.