Room By Room Makeover’s Master Bath remodel.

Engaged by clients who were living with a Master bath that was in desperate need of storage and a better design, Teri Tolbert, designer and owner of Raleigh’s Room By Room Makeover, re-configured the bath and turned it into a luxury suite for two.


First, she moved a small shower to create muchneeded space for custom cabinets, which included Kohler’s gorgeous Ladena rectangular sinks paired with modern Loure lavatory faucets. A seldom-used tub was replaced with a large, luxurious custom tile shower outfitted primarily with Kohler products, including a DTV Prompt digital shower control, Kohler’s Flipside hand shower with slide bar and Kohler’s Pilaster shower locker for storage. For the shower head, she used Jaclo’s powerful, yet simple,10” round Rain Machine.


Above the expansive 68″ vanity, Tolbert installed three Kohler Catalan recessed medicine cabinets to store toiletries and personal items within arm’s reach. The toilet, a Kohler Santa Rosa 1-piece model, echoed the sleek style of the room. Matching Kohler accessories, including towel bars, robe hooks, grab bars and drawer pulls completed the contemporary look.


Throughout the design process, Tolbert worked closely with her clients to create a personal Master bath suite that functioned well and complimented the couple’s personal style. They were thrilled with the result!

For more information about Room By Room Makeover and Teri Tolbert, please visit her website,, or see examples of her work on Houzz at


              Flipside with slide bar            Shower locker         Jaclo rainhead

            Kohler DTV Digital Prompt             Flipside hand shower w/slide bar.           Shower Locker                            Jaclo’s Rain Machine


Catalan 15x36 open ladena biscuitLoure lav faucet

         Catalan Recessed Medicine Cab 15×36                                         Ladena sink                                                        Loure widespread lav faucet

kohler_loure_best_accessory_pack_193    loure knob   loure drawer pulls

                     Loure Accessories                                                             Loure knob                                                         Loure drawer pull