Aquatic Introduces the Tub that Sets New Bathware Industry Standard for Accessible Bathing

Aquatic introduces the Ava tub, setting a new industry standard for accessible bathtub products. Now a broader range of people – including those with limited mobility can easily experience bathing hydrotherapy in a beautiful, accessible tub with breakthrough features.

“Our latest tub exemplifies what Aquatic stands for – an unwavering commitment to developing products that enhance and even transform our customers’ lives,” said Gary Anderson, President of Aquatic. “In this case, we listened to what our customers wanted and, inspired by that, we leveraged the company’s 65 years of experience to create an exceptional product and experience for everyone, including people who have the greatest needs for easily accessible hydrotherapy.”

Aquatic beautiful Ava Bath an easy in out fast draining tub for people with limited mobilityCalled the Ava Bath, Aquatic’s new tub is a sleek, modern design that beautifies any bathroom – unlike the typical accessible bathtub available today, which looks institutional. Additional, unique features include:

  • Unprecedented ease of access. The tub’s easy transfer, automated door lowers to open and rises to close, making entry and exit equally as simple for people who walk up or are in wheelchairs. In contrast, accessible tub doors typically swing in and out, requiring a higher level of mobility for maneuvering around both the door and the tub threshold – an often difficult and frustrating experience.
  • A roomy, benchless bathing well design. This enables a wider range of bathers, including those with limited mobility, to get into the optimal reclining position for their individual needs so they enjoy a deeper more immersive and soothing soaking experience than possible with a molded seat.
  • A patent-pending quick drain feature that empties the 70 gallon tub in an astonishing 30 seconds or less. That means virtually no delay and getting cold for the bather who can exit in seconds versus minutes, retaining the full benefit of the bath.


If you are interested in Aquatic’s new accessible tub, the Ava, please stop by our showroom – we will be happy to discuss how this tub can benefit you.