Beyond Everyday Bathware

At Aquatic, every model built, every detail pondered, every innovation developed is meant to not only advance the product but also the industry. It’s that thinking that to the development of Aquatic’s new line of A Composite four piece sectional showers and tub/shower combinations. All are tested to meet or exceed national standards for load, strength, surface resilience and wear. And all are stylish, functional and ingeniously simple.

Made for quick and easy installation, each piece of the AComposite models interlock for a seamless fit without the need for caulking. It’s the perfect fit for tight or existing spaces, like bathroom remodels. And it’s made with a durable composite material that’s strong enough to install grab bars and sleek enough to fit into any modern design. Stop by our branch and ask us for more information on the A Composite series by Aquatic.