Check Points for Hydrotherapy Baths

1. Ergonomics. Simply put, if you’re not comfortable and properly positioned in a bath, those hydrotherapy jets are not going to do you any good. If you’re very tall, make sure the bath is long enough for your complete comfort. If you’re petite, an ergonomic footrest can help you adjust to ideal therapeutic positioning.

2. Control. All hydrotherapy baths will have some sort of control panel – many will offer remotes. Look for controls that are simple, clear and understandable. Pre-programmed jet sequences can also make  the entire experience as carefree as possible. While each Aquatic series is different, all of their hydrotherapy control panels are designed for the optimal user experience and maximum control.

3. Engineering. Beautiful as they may be, a hydrotherapy bath is also a feat of engineering. Look for signs of high quality such as rigid heat-bent PVC piping, which ensures a proper drain angle for optimal hygiene. Self-draining jets are another quality marker, along with a run-dry safe pump, which protects against damage in case you accidentally turn on the jets in an empty bath. These features are standard on all Aquatic baths.

4. Warranty. Look for the strongest warranties you can get for structural integrity, the interior surface and all support equipment. At Aquatic, we stand behind our products with the industry’s best limited lifetime warranty.

For more hydrotherapy tips, check out Aquatic’s website.