Rheem Spiderfire

Get Your Spiderfire Commercial Rheem Water Heater at HD Supply Plumbing

With its sleek modern design, the new SPIDERfire is engineered to deliver substantial amounts of hot water to meet the needs of larger commercial applications, such as restaurants, office buildings, schools, retail stores and the like.

SPIDERfireoffers ultra-high efficiency and energy savings. With up to a maximum delivery of 460 gallons, its performance will meet the needs of most businesses. Indoor air quality issues can be addressed by drawing combustion air from outside the building with a power direct vent installation. The SPIDERfire‘s small footprint reduces space requirements and long vent runs can be achieved through the use of low-cost PVC venting materials.

SPIDERfire‘s narrow 26.25 inch diameter fits more easily down stairs and in tight places. Hot and cold water connections on both sides of the jacket provide flexibility during installation, especially during retro fits. The eye level status and diagnostic display is scrollable and reduces guess work, which helps speed up installation and service. Low-cost plastic venting materials can be used for power or power direct vent applications.